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DK - 4895 Errindlev


phone 54 61 16 52

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This website showcases paintings and sculptures from 1980 to present.


I work with changing light, colours, shadows, and movement in the human form.

The source of inspiration is often the slightly barsk changes in the mother nature, plus the captivating face and movement of the dance.


Sketches are created from nature and finished at home in peaceful surroundings.


Self-taught, and inspired by ever-changing light patterns from the Danish area of Odsherred together with long stays in the ever-changing polar regions, have been life-long inspirations.


I have painted since childhood. Throughout the 60´s I created tapestries and chasubles to Rudkoebing Church and sketch to Nysted Church and Sct. Lucas Founding, but took up oil-painting, water-colour, and pastels shortly thereafter.

During this time period I began to work in sculptured form with clay and stoneware.